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About Us

The MMPO was established by the New Zealand College of Midwives in 1997 to provide its LMC (Lead Maternity Carer) midwives with a supportive practice management and quality practice system, enabling high quality continuity of care for women throughout New Zealand.

Our Main Functions

We support the sustainability of midwifery practices and maternity services throughout New Zealand by providing a responsive practice management service, and offering personalised one on one assistance to our midwife members to enable midwives to meet their service, professional and financial commitments.

We also undertake a variety of projects for the profession, health service providers, the Ministry of Health, research organisations and communities that utilise the rich collection of data we manage around the provision of maternity services in New Zealand by midwives.

We work closely with the New Zealand College of Midwives:

The MMPO also manages the midwifery outcomes database for the New Zealand College of Midwives to ensure midwives can review their work against the standards of the profession and help women choosing midwifery led maternity care achieve high quality outcomes. 

All midwifery data obtained through our practice management system is anonymised, aggregated and developed into a series of reports for benchmarking, research and service monitoring.  This data is used to provide direction for midwifery practice and maternity service development both nationally and internationally.  

NZCOM Annual Report's on MMPO Midwives from anonymised data











The MMPO and The MoH Claiming Cycle

Just enter your clinical data into our electronic system and we take care of the rest.

Our goal is to ensure your funds are in your account in the quickest possible time - no matter when you claim.  This is usually about 8 days.  If the MoH rejects any of your payments we correct and resubmit them where we can.  If the MoH require information you have not sent us, we advise you by email and as soon as we have your response we resubmit the claim for payment to minimise any delays.

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Past, Present, Future

When the MMPO started in 1997 no-one could have foreseen the rapid technology and communication changes that would take place in the next 15/20 years.  The internet barely existed!

The NZCOM's decision to set up the MMPO was very farsighted and in hindsight could perhaps be seen as one of the key decisions made to help support and encourage midwives to practice as independent LMC Midwives, to keep midwives professionally safe and meet midwives service and financial commitments.

While the MMPO operates as an independent organisation our single most important mandate is to "provide services that support LMC midwives in New Zealand".  This supports an NZCOM objective to "purposefully and continuously develop and maintain a strong autonomous midwifery profession in New Zealand."

Why was the MMPO established?

  • It was, and remains, about keeping midwives professionally safe and to enable service and financial commitments to be met. 
  • It was, and is, about providing a comprehensive practice management system for ALL LMC midwives. 
  • It was and continues to be about collecting  accurate data to set benchmarks and monitor activities and outcomes for individual midwives which are then collated to provide a comprehensive set of national activities and outcomes annually, providing a robust benchmark for current and future midwives.

To achieve these objectives we have to think about ALL LMC midwives. We cannot just focus on delivering an electronic claiming software system. While claiming is a vital and integral part of the MMPO, we should not forget that the MMPO represents a lot more than just the claiming system. To do so would undermine the work of all the midwives who worked so hard in those early days and since, to ensure Independent Midwifery in New Zealand is held in such high regard internationally, and is the envy of other nations.

We must and we should, look after those midwives who prefer to use the paper system. After all that is where it all started. Back in 1997 the "pink notes" had their beginnings and over the years they have been developed to the point that most parents know exactly what you are talking about when you refer to the "pink notes". It is only with the commitment of those midwives who had the foresight to challenge what was and to see what could be, that the MMPO has evolved into the organisation it is today.

We understand that technology will move us all forward but let us not forget the huge commitment, both professionally and financially made by the NZCOM which continues to this day; to ensure that LMC midwives have a service they can rely on to provide a total practice management support for the past, the present and for the future.

The team at the MMPO is committed to being the best we can be, so you can be the best LMC midwives you can be.


"If you are looking for an organisation that will handle "claiming" and all its intricacies in a professional and caring manner and with a dash of good humour too, then look no further than MMPO. I have been under their tender loving care now for just over 5 years and I have found them to be all that they have claimed to be. I am an 'electronic claimer' and by no means can I be described as a 'Techno-Babe'. But MMPO makes it easy and claims have always been timely and with very little fuss. And when I am not sure of anything, a simple phone call or email to them and whallah - they’ve sorted it! They're a friendly and helpful bunch - try them. You won't be disappointed."

Wiki Davis – Bay of Islands

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