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Our History

The MMPO was established in 1997 by the New Zealand College of Midwives to provide its Lead Maternity Carer midwives with a supportive quality practice and management system enabling high quality continuity of care for women throughout New Zealand. Since then the MMPO has grown to become New Zealand’s largest Maternity Services provider.

MMPO Provider Services & Benefits

Whether you operate independently or within a group practice, the MMPO has a wide range of options available to ensure that your practice management system is built around your specific practice needs.

Should you choose to claim electronically or manually via the use of the NZCOM/MMPO Maternity "Pink" books, the MMPO captures all necessary information for both clinical care and health payment claiming. Full or partial maternity claims are generated automatically from the information you enter.

As a provider organisation, the MMPO is focused on providing services that support and streamline the practice management of your caseload. Some of these services are listed below;

  • Supported S88 claiming via the MoH, 8 business day turn around for payments
  • Support and facilitation resolving and resubmitting claims rejected by the Ministry of Health
  • Section 88 Claiming support ensuring correct claiming in relation to complex/exceptional pregnancies - available from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • IT Help Desk for online training sessions and technical support of the electronic system - available from 7am to 7pm Monday to Thursday and 7am to 5pm on Friday's
  • Access to Language Line – Interpreters available FREE to members
  • Rural Retention Program offering Locum and Mentoring services and practice establishment assistance
  • Emergency Urban Locum cover available
  • NZCOM Statistics, Voluntary Bonding and other helpful practice reports
  • Access to a national Paging Network Contract

Future Proofing

The clinical data collected is collated in an anonomised, aggregated format to form the National Midwifery Activities and Outcome Reports. These reports are used to provide direction for midwifery practice and maternity service development nationally.   When you join the MMPO you are also supporting the sustainability of midwifery practice, maternity services and the betterment of midwifery throughout New Zealand.

"If you are looking for an organisation that will handle "claiming" and all its intricacies in a professional and caring manner and with a dash of good humour too, then look no further than MMPO. I have been under their tender loving care now for just over 5 years and I have found them to be all that they have claimed to be. I am an 'electronic claimer' and by no means can I be described as a 'Techno-Babe'. But MMPO makes it easy and claims have always been timely and with very little fuss. And when I am not sure of anything, a simple phone call or email to them and whallah - they’ve sorted it! They're a friendly and helpful bunch - try them. You won't be disappointed."

Wiki Davis – Bay of Islands

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