Meet the MMPO Team

The team at the MMPO take great pride in their work.  All staff go through a rigorous training programme which takes between four to six months.  We are very fortunate to have a great team of employees who fully support the work that LMC midwives do, and are committed to providing assistance to our member midwives to minimise their work load.  If you have any questions or concerns or just need some reassurance regarding any aspect of your system, claims or any other matter relating to the work we do,  please contact us.  We will be very happy to help you.

The MMPO Staff Members are:


Wayne Robertson - Executive Director
Michael Stirling - Finance Manager
Nikki Eyles - Office Manager
Chrizelle Jooste - Administration Support
Amelia McIntosh - IT Manager
Gary Dodd - IT Implementation and Support
Belinda Gardner - IT Team Leader
Katie Gordon - IT Support Consultant
Paige Swan - IT Support Consultant
Shafali Verma - IT Support Consultant
Kelly Watson - Data Support Consultant
Kristyna Magnus - Data Support Consultant
Simon Morris - Data Support Consultant
Sophie Papanek - Data Support Consultant
Sue Morris - Rural Administrator
Shanti Daellenbach - Rural Administrator

The MMPO Board Members are:

Jacqui Anderson - Chair                                                               
Wayne Robertson - MMPO Executive Director
Karen Gulliland - NZCOM Representative
Justin Hygate - IT and Information Governance / Independent External Member
Claire MacDonald - Midwife Member MMPO
Huia Lambie - Independent External Member

The MMPO CRG (clinical reference group) Members are:

Amelia McIntosh MMPO Head Office MMPO Clevermed Project Coordinator
Cheryl Benn MMPO Member Chair of MCIS (DHB) CRG,                              Member of MISP OGB (national) Steering Group
Claire MacDonald MMPO Member Member of MMPO Board, Paper user
Debbie Fawcett MMPO Member Chair of MMPO CRG,                                         Member of MCIS (DHB) CRG
Justine O'Dwyer MMPO Member Remote Rural
Nicky Pealing    MMPO Member Paper user
Nicole Pihema MMPO Member  
Robyn McDougal Primary Maternity Unit Deputy Chair of MMPO CRG,                        Remote Rural
Sheryl Joy Christian MMPO Member Remote Rural   
Joanne Gordon       MMPO Member    Electronic Member
Gwen Glazzard MMPO Member Electronic Member