Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for members of the MMPO


Terms and Conditions

I________________________________________ (full name of Midwife) being a member and continuing to be a member for the duration of the time I claim through the MMPO, of the New Zealand College of Midwives (NZCOM) and having agreed to be bound by the practice standards and ethical codes of the NZ College of Midwives and the contractual agreements of the Midwifery and Maternity Providers Organisation (MMPO) hereby agree as follows:

  1. I support the objectives of the MMPO, and;
  2. I am bound to perform and provide the service of midwifery care in accordance with the terms specified in the current Maternity Notice as Gazetted by the Ministry of Health, and;
  3. That any claim for payment for services provided in accordance with this Notice shall be a claim for payment from HealthPAC by me, transacted on my behalf by the MMPO; and
  4. That if I am not GST registered I will receive GST exclusive payments; and if I do become GST registered at any time in the future, I will advise the MMPO immediately.
  5. That I am aware of the provisions of the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and acknowledge that I am bound by the same and will supply information in accordance with the same as may be required by MMPO; and
  6. That I will provide such information for my claims and Midwifery Standards Review, but will be entitled to access that information as may be required for my purposes to check the accuracy and if necessary amend the same (to ensure accuracy) in so far as it relates to me or the care which I have provided to any woman requiring my services pursuant to the Agreement; and
  7. That I carry the necessary minimum insurance cover provided by the NZCOM through membership of NZCOM, which I have agreed to take as a condition of my membership of MMPO; and
  8. That I carry all the necessary registrations and qualifications as advised to MMPO and as may be required in accordance with the conditions of my membership of MMPO and under the Agreement and will keep such qualifications current at all times; and
  9. That I will participate in the NZCOM standards review, as part of my commitment to quality assurance.

Furthermore I understand that:

  1. Claims received by the MMPO before the cut off time each week, will be processed and if authorised by the Ministry of Health, will be paid into my nominated bank account/s with the scheduled time frame.
  2. Payments to members will be made strictly in accordance with signed authorisation held. Amendments to payments i.e. Percentage of payment, Bank Account numbers, and payees can only be processed if a signed authorisation has been received from all parties to the last dated payment request; and
  3. In the event that my account with the MMPO goes into debit (this could be due to the Ministry of Health reversing a previously paid claim or disbursement, disbursements paid on my behalf by the MMPO or another valid business reason), I am liable and obliged to repay the MMPO the amount owing within fourteen days. If further claims come in to be disbursed to me, the MMPO will automatically deduct the debit balance from the claim amounts owing to me.
  4. Failure to repay any debt owing to the MMPO within fourteen days may result in the debt being referred to the MMPO Credit Recovery Agent. I will also be responsible and liable for any fees the Credit Recovery Agent charges and any costs associated with recovering the outstanding debt.
  5. From time to time, the MMPO may change or amend these terms. I understand these changes will be notified in their monthly newsletter published on their website. My continued use of MMPO services after the date the change becomes effective will be my consent to the changed terms; and
  6. That by signing this form I acknowledge I am bound as a principal party to the Agreement and shall indemnify MMPO in respect of any breach of the Agreement in any respect.