What our members say..........


If you are looking for an organisation that will handle "claiming" and all its intricacies in a professional and caring manner and with a dash of good humour too, then look no further than MMPO. I have been under their tender loving care now for just over 5 years and I have found them to be all that they have claimed to be. I am an 'electronic claimer' and by no means can I be described as a 'Techno-Babe'. But MMPO makes it easy and claims have always been timely and with very little fuss. And when I am not sure of anything, a simple phone call or email to them and whallah - they’ve sorted it! They're a friendly and helpful bunch - try them. You won't be disappointed..

Wiki Davis – Bay of Islands


MMPO have an incredible group of highly intelligent women in their team. I have regular contact with them and they never make me feel stupid. They are always available to tackle any problem, at any time. They are all my life savers! Thanks guys, you all rock!!

Mel Osborne - Canterbury


As the system has developed it has enabled me to reduce the amount of paper storage and to use the electronic records and printout as a set of notes for women - apart from my typing skills I can give them an accurate and legible record of their care and reprint it as many times as necessary (I’ve just had to reprint for someone whose dog ate her book!).I can use the filters to track a woman whose  baby’s name I can remember or her first name but not surname. Women who come back for another pregnancy are easily copied across.

Prue Thomson - Otago